Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Your Registration is Safe Woth Us

It’s reassuring to know that Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC to its friends) is a “caring company”. Perhaps one day it may be accredited by whichever useless quango dishes out these things as a careful one.

In case you’re wondering, this lot has been “designated” by the Hong Kong government to “undertake the administration of” (“administer” to us normal folk) internet domain names under the “.hk” country code.

Except it doesn’t.

According to its own “Sustainability Report”, the onerous undertaking of administration-related functions is carried out by Hong King Internet Registration Corporation Limited.

Quite what the chairman of HKIRC, John Estmond Strickland, who held the reins at HSBC before avid blogger David Eldon took over, will make of such sloppiness is anyone’s guess, bankers being well known for their attention to detail.

Not to mention their commitment to ethical business practices.

It seems only yesterday that current HSBC Chairman, Douglas Flint, was calling for bankers to be made to take an oath “to act honestly and fairly at all times when dealing with clients and customers”. While cynics might say this noble – and innovative –  idea is unlikely to come to fruition, Flint, as dogged a bean-counter as one is ever likely to meet, is committed to the realisation of his vision, whereby members of his industry (or “profession”, as some like to call it) will bind themselves along the model of the Hippocratic oath traditionally sworn by doctors.

HSBC remains tight-lipped about the most likely name for the mooted pledge, but according to reliable sources the frontrunner is the Hypocritic oath.

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