Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Its Outside is the Deepest of it

"In what belongs to the deeper meanings of nature and her mediation between us and God, the appearances of nature are the truths of nature, far deeper than any scientific discoveries in and concerning them. The show of things is that for which God cares most, for their show is the face of far deeper things than they…It is through their show, not through their analysis, that we enter into their deepest truths. What they say to the childlike soul is the truest thing to be gathered of them. To know a primrose is a higher thing than to know all the botany of it...The body of man does not exist for the sake of its hidden secrets; its hidden secrets exist for the sake of its outside – for the face and the form in which dwells revelation: its outside is the deepest of it. So Nature as well exists primarily for her face,  her look,  her appeals to the heart and the imagination,  her simple service to human need, and not for the secrets to be discovered  in her and turned to man's further use." (George MacDonald, "The voice of Job" in Unspoken Sermons)

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Dave said...

The last sentence reads like a green manifesto.