Friday, 18 January 2013

C-Suite Comes Clean

I was pleased to note the increasing degree of self-awareness shown by our Corporate Affairs Director, who has achieved the difficult feat of leaving an indelible impression of an inability to read on every single department in the company since her arrival eight or nine months ago.  

“I am out of the office for the majority of the day on Friday 17 January and will be looking at emails on Monday 21 January.”

Well, that’ll do for a start. After all, as Osgood said to the Jack Lemmon character at the end of Some Like It Hot, “Nobody’s perfect.”


WMD said...

We have a CEO like that - not only doesn't read emails properly but never acknowledges receipt.

Anonymous said...

Received this morning:- 'Please find the daft line-to-take for your review and commnets.'