Friday, 11 January 2013

Ann Chiang’s First Love Revealed

Part of Ann Chiang Lai Wan’s defence of Leung Chun Ying in LegCo on Wednesday ran as follows: "As a busy working man, CY has to fly in and out of Hong Kong on business. Many men can't even remember their wedding anniversary, let alone when their illegal structure was built."

You can’t buy this kind of writing talent. This woman has definitely missed her vocation – she could name her price in Hollywood.  

It seems though that Chiang, 57, who didn’t tie the knot until she was in her forties, has a dark secret. Well, a secret no more now that Apple Daily has got hold of it. She’s had an unrequited schoolgirl crush on the urbane Dracula lookalike for more than two decades.      

In 1990, she appeared in an ATV programme together with the handsome Transylvanian, nay, sharing a sofa with him and, maybe, just maybe, even today having the same kind of naughty thoughts that the self-same piece of furniture prompted in CY’s partner-in-UBW-crime, Henry Tang Ying Yen.

Who can forget the poetic outpourings inspired by Tang’s "Baby", Esther Lam, daughter of Heung Yee Kuk Vice-chairman Daniel Lam Wai Keung, in situ on said sofa? In case anyone has, here’s a sample:   

“I gazed at the sofa in my office the very first moment I walked in this morning, and I stare at it every moment I have. It was a magical moment, slow, tender, yet full of excitement that tingled my every senses.”

Don’t be fooled into judging a book by its cover. Just because Chiang is no oil painting (well, unless you include examples of Jim Feldman’s finest work), she is clearly possessed of a powerful – what Mills and Boon might indeed call a throbbing – romantic streak. In a 2006 interview published in the pro-Beijing and usually straight-laced Wei Wei Po newspaper, Chiang became quite emotional as she revealed that her husband, Raymond Leung Hoi Ming, was “unromantic”. She even broke down in tears on one occasion when Leung, who doubles up as CEO of the company she founded, C & L Holdings, as well as sitting on the committee of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce with her, was late returning home and she thought he was having an affair. Actually, he was probably just out on the range.   

When Ann’s dad, industrialist Chiang Chen, said that Lily was the “cleverest” of his six daughters, I think he was selling us all a dummy worthy of every industrialist’s hero, Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War (real title The Art of Deception).

When Ann Chiang Lai Wan attempts to defend hapless Education Secretary Eddie Ng Hak Kim so that even he is left looking bewildered and embarrassed or when she rounds on Claudia Mo and tells her not to use English in LegCo to the delight of all eight legislators who have stayed around to hear her talk, the obvious conclusion to draw is that she is a total dickhead. Obvious, but wrong. Schwarzenegger was only a prototype. This woman is the real deal: the works made flesh, Hong Kong’s first living cyborg.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese characters for her company are the same as those for the firm where CY made his name and coincidentally a mint, Jones Lang. Coincidence? Perhaps we should be told.

Anonymous said...

are you sure that Dr. Chiang said that the cleverest daughter was Lily? where is your proof? I beg to differ.

ulaca said...

Is that you, Ann?

ulaca said...

Anyway, the verdict was delivered at an honorary degree ceremony in the wilds of the New Territories (Fu Tei, Tuen Mun, to be precise) back in 2006.