Thursday, 15 November 2012

Off to Heong San Ou

It’s that time of year, the time of the annual pilgrimage to the entrepĂ´t turned enclave of many names, to the Chinese equivalent of Jersey most recently depicted in the latest Bond movie as a place of clear skies and beautiful Eurasian women constructed on the back lot of Elstree Studios. 

Without I hope suffering the withdrawal symptoms of an American Four Star General going cold turkey after sending 30,000 emails to Florida’s answer to Pippa Midleton, I will be relieving myself of blogging duties until next week, when you can expect to get the full Ulaca on the Sofitel Hotel, two family-run restaurants in Taipa Village and whatever else tickles my fancy, excluding brassy objects making a loud noise as they race around the pulsating Gaia lighthouse.     

But enough of those Russian hookers – unless the wife is willing to finally fulfill my ultimate fantasy.  

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