Monday, 22 October 2012

Seats of Power?

Seen on a KMB bus – fortunately one driven by a woman in KMB uniform rather than a teenage joyrider - a sticker in a garish purple colour on a headrest asking the passenger behind if he or she had “Thought of giving your seats?”

I have to say you’ve got to hand it to the under-fire bus company – the subject of much opprobrium in the press for, allegedly, deliberately making a loss by moving money around between the various constituent companies of its parent company so that it can justify a fare hike – for recognising the status quo in Hong Kong rather than trying to resist it.

If someone is going to move to make way for an old person or a pregnant Mainlander, then it makes sense that they should take their shopping bags with them rather than leaving them on their tod.


Anonymous said...

I thought they just raised their fares.

smogsblog said...

I'm confused. Why is this post illustrated with a photo apparently taken on a London Underground train?

ulaca said...

Mainly because I couldn't find one on Google images of a HK bus scenario. No fb groups called Bag on Seat Wanker formed locally yet, sadly. An opening perhaps?