Wednesday, 4 April 2012

SHKP Update

According to that fountain of all knowledge not possessed by Oriental Daily News, Next Magazine, the two younger Kwok brothers in their ask-no-questions media session yesterday were sending out at least two coded messages in the most bizarre part of their statement, that in which they praised their staff and insisted that SHKP does not rely on the Brothers Kwok.

The surface interpretation is straightforward: we may be going to jail for some time, but don't let that affect the share price. The other, deeper, interpretation is far more interesting: our scumbag brother, Wally - whatever our octogenerian mother may be trying to do behind the scenes in terms of bringing him back on B/board - will assume once again an Executive role in our Company only over our dead bodies.

As we said, SHKP does not rely on the Brothers Kwok. All three of them - but especially that one!

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