Friday, 27 April 2012

Sex, Religion and Politics Still a Heady Mix

As we head into the holiday weekend in Hong Kong (yes, Saturday is still technically classed as a working day here, so if a public holiday falls on a Saturday we don't get a day off on the Monday), I thought a spot of navel-gazing was in order. This seemed even more appropriate given that the chap to celebrate whose birthday we're being given the day off (or not) must have spent many an hour gazing at his navel as he attempted to empty his mind of all earthly cares. Well, in his youth, anyway, before he became so Zen-like that his metabolism went from merely laid-back to catatonic and the fat started to accumulate.

Taking a look at the 20 most popular entry pages for this blog this month, I discovered an extraordinary thing: every single one of those posts related to one or more (or all – how exciting does it get?) of those three topics that one is not allowed to discuss in polite society – sex, politics and religion.

Coming in at number one is "CYLeung 99% Certain to be Next Chief Executive", followed closely by another Leung-related post, which I won't bother to name since they're all much the same really. At number three we have a sleeper hit, "Leon Panetta a Clone Secret Files Claim". Next we have "Susan Li, a Brief Snatch", which Foamier has clicked on 178 times – just how many boxes of Tempo does that constitute? – followed by "Good Golly!" (nice to see that anti-political correctness, or common sense as I like to call it, is still alive and kicking).

Looking further down the list, I see that at number 14 there is an entry that combines each of the three taboo topics: Sun Hung Kai's "Sixth Wonder of the World". Enough to bring loathed footballer turned beloved pundit Gary Neville to scorgasm:

Enough of this rubbish. Have a great weekend, wherever you may be. 


Religion And Politics said...


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ulaca said...

I think we all prefer sex, 'though, no?

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on the Joey Barton sacking by QPR in the Torygraph, which writes that the club has 'launched its own internal investigation into Barton's behaviour with manager Mark Hughes determined to wash his hands on [sic] the troublesome midfielder'.

ulaca said...

Good spot. Pontius Pilate really started something, didn't he?