Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Brother Scorned

According to that fountain of all knowledge, the Oriental Daily News, Walter  Kwok has been busy furnishing whoever would listen with details of his younger brothers' - not forgetting their friend and adviser Rafael Hui's - dealings, and deals, in the New Territories.  

Wally, who has been waiting for four years to take revenge on his siblings, had been forced to play a waiting game, it is said, by none other than our leader, Sir Donald Tsang, who dillied and dallied over his requests to shop his brothers to the ICAC.

Just why Sir Don would want to prevaricate, we of course cannot be sure. Okay, Rafa is a great mate and actually ran his campaign for "election" as chief nitwit in 2005, and the Kwoks are rich and powerful, and religious in that very Chinese way which combines being very preachy, very Whitened Sepulchresque and very rich.  

Anyway, according to the Ma organ, AKA ODN, along comes CY Leung the day after his "election" as Don's successor and says, "Hey, Mini, what are you going to do about all the skulduggery that's being going on in the NT? (allegedly)"

Mini replies, "Well, we need to further monitor the situation and carry out a thorough investi --"

"Shut it, birdbrain!" responds CY, "this ain't going to be happening on my watch. We've got enough evidence from Wally to send them away for years. Pick up that phone to the ICAC. Surely, you don't want to further tarnish your legacy with more accusations of favouritism and cronyism?"

And thus the whistle was finally blown and the wheels of justice set in motion. Wally's Mum may no longer be speaking to him, but I somehow don't think that going to be bothering him too much. And as for Rafa, as the prime mover (allegedly) behind Wally's supplanting as chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties, one can hardly imagine the oldest sibling shedding too many tears for the silly old fart.

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