Thursday, 8 March 2012

See Thoe Wah!

My friend at the logistics company with the three letters none of which are D or H or L has sent me another nugget relating to that company's C-suited consultant type, who it now transpires went to a private university of no little repute in Rhode Island, where he studied "political science".

It may be remembered that this individual was seeking to recruit some poor sod possessed of "the ability to flourish in a team-based but, (sic) unstructured environment", i.e. chaos. Well, yesterday said C-suiter turned up at a press session to promote his corporation's latest safety measures, which must mean that they've been smashing even more than their normal quota of motorcycles recently.
Problems seem to follow this fellow wherever he goes, and yesterday proved to be no exception. As the PR drones were handing out press releases after the session, C-suite decided to have a look at one and paid the price for not troubling himself with the draft copies he'd been sent in the run-up to the big event.
There staring back at him were two lengthy quotes attributed to him, or, more precisely, to someone bearing a strong surnominal resemblance to him. Instead of the wisdom of "Edmond See Thoe", what he read with disgust were the words of one "Edmond Szeto". Accusatory emails burnt up the ether upon his return to the office, the blame flame being passed around the PR Department until it lit upon the lowest drone who was bawled out in front of the entire staff Cultural-revolution style.

As my friend, who works in operations, says, if you insist on everyone referring to you by your title and not by your name, then it's little to be wondered at if that name one day wreaks its own revenge.

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If you don't have a set of initials, you're no one.