Thursday, 23 February 2012

Henry Enjoys a Good Lay

Courtesy of the mass circulation Chinese language Oriental Daily News, the email exchange said to be between aspiring Chief Executive of Hong Kong Henry Tang Ying Yen and his "Baby", Esther Lam, daughter of Heung Yee Kuk Vice-chairman Daniel Lam Wai Keung.

Really, Henry, I'm disappointed in you, writing "I love you deeply and I want to overcome all the obstacles that lay ahead of us." Lie, Henry, it's L-I-E.

Should be easy enough for you to remember given your record in the terminological inexactitude department.

唐英年最親愛的寶貝(Henry to ‘Baby’) 18-01-2010 18 4:16pm
I know things are happening very fast.? I gazed at the sofa in my office the very first moment I walked in this morning, and I stare at it every moment I have.

It was a magical moment, slow, tender, yet full of excitement that tingled my every senses.?It was a moment of love expressed in full sensation, both physically and mentally, that bonded our hearts together.

It was fate that brought us together, and I will make every effort to make it our destiny to stay together.

I love you baby…..

你的寶貝唐英年 (‘Baby’ to Henry) 19-1-2010 11:33am
My love,

This is going to be a long journey for us …and there will be lots of obstacles ahead.... We have to be strong to get through this together…. I truly hope that we can resolve all the difficulties with the least casualties..

I will make our every moment together joyous with no regrets…Until u find “your way” in 2012…

Looking forward to our next gathering makes me happy :-)        

Your baby..

(Henry to ‘Baby’) 19-1-2010
Re: Love

My baby,
I love you deeply and I want to overcome all the obstacles that lay ahead of us.? Its not going to be easy, as you are all aware of the challenges, but I will make every effort to resolve them together with you.? I want to tell you that having made love with you last week strengthened my love for you, and made me more determined to make this work.?

I understand that not everything is under my control in my unique circumstances.? But I will share my thinking with you…….I want to walk this path together with you……

Love forever, 

Sofa, so good, it would seem.


Anonymous said...

tingled my every senses--masterful

ulaca said...

It's somehow fitting that Henry counts among his staunchest supporters David Li, another who favoured - or in his case was favoured by - the "Baby" word.

Anonymous said...

So-fa so-good is set to replace long-time no-see as Hongkies' favorite catchphrase.

Anonymous said...

argh! first it was Cannon & Ball, and now the weekly gag sinks to the level of Bobby Davro.
(apparently Bobby used to dream of being the next Les Dennis)

ulaca said...

Bobby Davro? So unfamiliar I had to Google him.

Execrable puns will in future be called Davros, which people will confuse with the shindig for the wealthy in Switzerland, adding to the fun.