Thursday, 9 February 2012

The G Word

That’s G as in gay. A friend of my daughter's, who she met through an acting workshop, has fallen foul of her school by the most unusual route.

Apparently, the teenager needed to prepare an exhibition on her chosen topic as part of an IB personal project. The topic she chose was boy bands, and to publicise the lunchtime event, she placed posters round the school aimed at grabbing folks' attention.

So far, so good. The problems started when a nosey-parker teacher type from the Antipodes saw a group of pupils looking at the poster and decided to investigate. Horrified, she read the following:

If you think boy bands are talentless, "gay" and rubbish …

Come along at lunchtime on Thursday and Friday and be proved wrong.                

From there, the affair snowballed with the pupil hauled before the Headmaster on various counts of insensitivity and homophobia, and her email of explanation and apology for any offence caused being sent to every member of the teaching staff.

C.S. Lewis used to complain about critics who made such a habit of reading between the lines that they had lost the ability to read the lines themselves - including the punctuation. Seemed like a few of them ended up teaching the IB in Hong Kong. oen of the school stars is jumping ship.
> Resentment is never a good place from which to speak.

Post-script: I've just been told by my daughter that her friend recently informed her school that she would be leaving Hong Kong to study in the States in the autumn. To paraphrase Congreve:

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hong Kong
a fury like a teacher scorned." 


Foamier said...

I do think that the title of Bloomberg's morsing show, "First Up With Susan Li" is rather suggestive.

Winifred said...

From an educational perspective, that's very bad. If deemed of sufficient importance to warrant follow-up, such matters should be dealt with between the student and the principal. How terrible the poor girl must be feeling to be victimized so!

Foamier said...

The key fact here is that it was an Aussie (a Kiwi wouldn't have done this) teacher. It's more or less compulsory down there.

Key word: mincersi

ulaca said...

"Morsing?" Is she moonlighting as a sleuth, Foamiest?

Foamier said...

Do you mean "Does she go undercover?" You may very well think that, Uliest, old chap, but I couldn't possibly comment.

Key word: blessoid - something you catch from a Catholic priest.

mister bijou said...

The term "gay" as used by many UK teenagers these days can also mean "uncool".

Anonymous said...

Personally I would prefer First Up to Fourth or Fifth

ulaca said...

Mr B, I fancy the word 'gay' has many more semantic peregrinations to make even in the course of thsi century. Who knows, it may even go back to meaning light-hearted and carefree?