Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Adults Banned from Westlife Concert

Just when you thought sapience was flowing out of Hong Kong as fast as a Mainland woman's waters breaking in a Sheung Shui Hospital, HK Ticketing restores our faith in human nature as the territory prepares to host Irish boy band Westlife for the final time. (Prayerfully, we hope that there will be no Sinatra style comebacks for the "boys" from Sligo.)

Presumably after taking advice from the medical and psychological professions, the organisers have decided to impose an age limit of six years on the audience, breaking the hearts of hundreds of Filipino amahs in the process but ensuring that common sense prevails over mere commercial interests.     

You have to wonder, 'though, what limit they’ll impose when Justin Bieber swings by. Set it too low and all those Mainlanders might get the wrong idea and it could get messy.    

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