Thursday, 19 January 2012

Seagull Manager Strikes Again

That consultant has been at it again, but this time his bluff has been called. My friend who works at the large logistics company with three letters none of which is a U or a P or an S has reported to me that he saw the company’s Singaporean-born Kellogg-educated “C-suited” ex-McKinsey director in the Hong Kong Club’s box at Happy Valley last night.

Nothing strange in that, you might think. Many of us enjoy a night at the races. However, whereas the rest of us would wait until the morning to send a non-urgent email to senior management, McKinsey Man sent it when he got home – it’s time-stamped 00:13 on Thursday the 19th of January.

Just in case anyone might be thinking that the hotshot had been working through the night, my friend had the presence of mind to ask him if he had enjoyed last night's racing and whether he had any tips for the weekend meeting at Shatin.    


HKP said...

I'm reminded of Nietzsche's remark about not trusting any idea unless it comes to you during a brisk walk. Maybe a 'gallop' is the c-suite version.

ulaca said...

Careful, James. You'll be giving MBA programs around the world ideas.