Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Five Predictions for 2012

I am delighted to welcome my guest, Diva Noddle, for the second in an occasional series of pieces. His first was very warmly received and created many calls for more of the same.      

"My first prediction has to do with the field which some people say I have distinguished myself in for more years that I care to remember, and it is namely this: retired bankers will continue to distance themselves from the current crop, so that you wouldn’t know the two groups were related in any way, shape or form.

My second prediction is closely related – and I promise you it will be my last one about banking! Retired bankers will continue to display sour grapes about the current crop raking in larger sums than they ever managed.

Okay, now onto a topic very dear to my heart, the place I am proud to call my home, and which is I think rather proud in return to call me “Dr Eldon” and a Gold Bauhinia Star! I predict that I’m going to claim once again that one of my predictions came true when it didn’t quite. Folks will doubtless recall that last time I predicted that Hong Kong would overtake both New York and London in 2011 in the Global Financial Centres Index rankings. Well, it didn’t, but it got jolly close, which is much the same thing, isn’t it?  

I’m going to really go out on a limb here and predict that 2012 will be the year in which Jiang Zemin goes from looking like a marble bust to becoming a handful of dust. (Excuse me for slipping a bit of doggerel in there, but the muse comes but once or twice a year, and when it does come a-calling, one must heed the call, or one might be permanently museless before one knows it!)
My final prediction concerns me – yes, I can hear what you’re saying, that I’m letting that lamp out from under its bushel again! I predict that I will pick up one or two more non-executive directorships in 2012. Heavens knows, one isn’t getting any younger and the odd HK$360,000 or so p.a. – which my colleague tells me is the going rate for these things – comes in very handy as one journeys round the world trying one’s best to make Planet Earth a better and happier place. Like one big happy family, or, as we like to say chez Noddle, like one big bank – without those horrid bonuses they all pay themselves these days."  

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