Thursday, 29 July 2010

Who Shat on the Wall?

That is what this young visiter is asking, as the Guggenheim, in all its avant garde wisdom, has dedicated an entire room to Turd Sliding Down a Wall, a companion piece to Dog Urine in Snow at the Reina Sophia in Madrid. (You thought I was kidding, disn't you?)

Just opposite, however, a more pleasing vista:

Downstairs, next to Andy Warhol’s 150 Multicolored Marilyns, is one of the picks of the permanent exhibits, James Rosenquist’s Flamingo Capsule, which memorialises the 1967 Apollo 1 inferno, which killed all three astronauts:

We also liked the Henri Rousseau collection, especially his Carriole du Père Junier:


g said...

Hello Ulaca. Enjoying reading your blog! Both the Guggenheim and the Moma have run out of interesting things to talk about..turd in snow..really

ulaca said...

¡Hola, g! Anyone who writes as well as you do gets added to my links.

Foamier said...

Close encounters of the turd kind?

ulaca said...

Foamie, the motto of these places seems to be, "You produce shit, you're in".