Monday, 3 May 2010

Gordon Brown Explains Bigot Comment

I would like to make this absolutely clear. I was not calling Mrs. Duffy a bigot. I was in fact referring to anyone who votes Conservative.


Joyce Lau said...

Ah, poor Gordon Brown.
We criticize politicians for being disingenuous.
And then when they actually speak a bit of the truth, we slay them for not being politically correct.

ulaca said...

It's Broon's fault for using a word Brits never usually bother with. (Together with "moron" and "liar", "bigot" is a peculiarly North American usage.) And you've got to take your hat off to the old duck, shopping around for the best deal from the media a la Joe the Plumber.

Elections - got to love 'em.

ulaca said...

Thanks to a mate for this spot from the BBC website.

Rochdale fans at Saturday's match with Burton Albion:

'Town full of bigots
We're just a town full of bigots...'